New Media and Evolution

There has been key elements in human history that has marked a milestone in its evolution. Something that has sparked a profound change that affects daily life and human relationships forever on. That feeling of power and control that our ancestors felt when they found out that they could build tools with stones or when they learned to control fire must have been overwhelming. By the same token when the wheel was invented, it “represented a transformation from how how load was carried. It changed the mode from dragging to passing” (Dholakia, 2010). The Gutenberg press on the other hand, allowed book mass-production and the spread of knowledge to the masses, while the steam engine marked the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and a change in work production.

Among these and many other inventions without doubt the Internet is one of the greatest inventions of mankind by connecting us all at once.  Additionally, the Internet has brought a wave of new technologies that continue to develop and contribute to our evolution.  New Media has brought that spark that forever changed how we relate to each other and how we view the world. At the same time, we are still in the early process of learning how to deal with the great power that comes from such great technology such as privacy, copyright, and relationships that with time, eventually we will overcome the same way our ancestors did with each great invention.

Anthropology and New Media

Evolution of Man through the eyes of New Media


Dholakia, V. (2010, June 3). Top 10 Greatest Events that Shaped Human Evolution – Journey from Apes to Aliens. Retrieved April 29, 2012, from – Indian Business Blog:

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