Awesome Stories

Our weekly field trip’s turn was for Awesome Stories, a place where one can get lost for days reading and learning about everything and everybody.

The site Awesome Stories somehow forces us to go back in time as we see many of their stories. As I was looking at stories about the 2004 tsunami, immediately I started thinking and daydreaming what I was doing and where I was when I heard these devastating news.

I read from What Matter This Week? The Impossible the story of “Tsunami Victims Speak”. The storytelling of Spanish doctor on how her Christmas vacations turned into chaos in December 2004 as the tsunami hit right where she was.

This site is also a wonderful compilation of history through narration, videos, slideshows, among others, all in one place for easy retrieval. As Maguire says, this is a place for “[G]aining a better sense of the places that have shaped our lives doesn’t just give us more and richer story ideas. It also helps ground us as individuals and tellers” (Maguire, 1998, p. 113). This is a place where to find inspiration, to go back to the human race’s childhood to fully understand where we stand today.

Listened to narrated story “Assassination of John F. Kennedy:

Saw video “Slumdog Millonaire – Reaction to Film by People of Dharavi”: An interesting point of view from locals from both young authors from the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”.  Amazing and genuine reactions to their success.

Channel: Argo –

Saw: Visual Vocabulary Builder, “Our Visual Vocabulary Builder is intended to help people of all ages to more efficiently and memorably learn new words. ” Opened pdf for “The Girl of the Dragon Tattoo”


Maguire, J. (1998). The Power of Personal Storytelling. New York: Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam.


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