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One particular characteristic of New Media is that it provides numerous tools to create, upload, and share content for free. Such tools allow the average user with no technical skills to create professional-looking videos, songs, blogs, images, maps, among others cool applications that are spread throughout the Net with social media.

This is my first time using WordPress to create a blog and I really enjoyed every component of it. When I started studying computer programming 14 years ago, everything had to be hard-coded. I remember creating Web pages using Notepad and learning the syntax on how to insert an image, a table, or a link. Long hours went writing and testing to only find out that it did not look the same in Netscape and Internet Explorer. After creating five to ten pages, all content was static so any change to the general layout it had to be applied in every single page.

Back then I could not possible grasp the concept of embedding streaming video, inserting a poll and be able to see results instantly, or being able to place contents in a page by dragging and dropping items with my mouse. Anything out of the ordinary had to be done by a professional programmer and back then was a very expensive option to do.

Looking back, it is amazing how technology has advanced in giant steps in such small amount of time. From the moment of signing up with WordPress, setting this blog was very easy to do. All I had to do was deciding on a theme and the rest was a given. I find it intuitive, dynamic, and very user-friendly. Further, I don’t have to worry about cross-browser compatibilities, uploading files to a server through FTP, or changing the whole layout.  But I think the most important fact is that it is free, which makes user-content available to everyone helping the social media culture grow every minute.

Comparing Old and New Technology

Comparing Old and New Technology


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