This American Life

This week’s field trip was This American Life

This American Life Website is a place that helps people “find” their story by either making their own and uploading it or by listening to someone else story. I see this as a way of finding meaning in life.  We make a podcast, we share it, people listen, we identify with them.  We no longer are alone but there is someone out there going through our similar circumstances.

Lambert’s Cookbook mentions how in seven steps one can build not just a digital story, but good, powerful one that will have your audience completely identified.  Just as the Cookbook stress on identifying “the moment of change” (Lambert, 2006, p. 9), the site “This American Life” in the About Us section they stress this as well: “Tell us anything you think will help us understand what a great story it is. If the story happened to you and showed you something about the world you hadn’t realized before, or changed you” (This American Life, 2013).

Podcasts I listened:

The Fear of Sleep:


In the Halloween podcast, go to Act 6 Screams, 7 minutes, at about minute 50:00.  Screaming. Something so liberating about screaming, where each scream has a story behind. People were told to call a number and leave a scream as a message. After you hear their explanation, you make sense of such scream.  A life behind indeed!



Lambert, J. (2006). Digital storytelling: Capturing lives, creating community. Berkeley, CA: Digital Diner Press.