The art of New Media

One thing that New Media has brought us is the ability to create, upload, and share art.  Art is in the eye of the beholder and anything that has a meaning for somebody, is art. There are now many applications and tools available for free that anyone, with no technical skills, can create digital art and graphics, anything that the heart desires.  And that, that is the art of new media.  With this growing cyber culture, a new form of art is emerging that one day it will be classified as the folklore of the Internet Age.

I ventured myself to create something that I could call my creation, my art, something that I always admired but never knew how it could possibly be done.  When I saw Salvador Dali’s painting “Gala looking at the Mediterranean Sea” for the first time, I always wondered if he ran back and for as he painted it in order to get Abraham Lincoln’s face appear from a distance. For sure he was an artist ahead of his time. Fortunately for those of us not so talented, new media provides us all we need to create our own version, with our own pictures, with couple clicks of a mouse.

Myself through the eyes of new media

Myself Through the Eyes of New Media. Mozaic made of social media icons and assorted memes created with Mazaika.

“Myself Through the Eyes of New Media” is a mozaic of my picture composed with over 300 memes and social media icons, as if embedded in order to form a ‘digital footprint’. In a way, this is how new media and culture are rapidly converging; our social life, way of thinking, information, privacy, our relationships, work, diet, friendships, politics, everything we do is taking a different shape through new media.  Technology is changing and our relationships are changing along with it.

Making art has never been so easy, one only has to go on the Internet for inspiration and the tools will be right there for us.

For the mozaic I used Mazaika, a special software for creating photographic mozaics.  Although this is not for free, a trial is offered in its Website.  I also used a tutorial from YouTube that taught me in 5 minutes how to create this, my first mozaic.

I used the same memes from the “My Mashup Video” and the social icons I downloaded them from