50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story

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The Website 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story is a site that describes how to tell the same story in 50 different ways utilizing different Web 2.0 tools to accomplish it. Web 2.0 tools are applications, generally free, where users can produce and consume Web content without knowledge of technical skills.

By showing the same purpose made with a variety of applications, gives us an idea how the same message is delivered under different channels. In addition of providing a wide list of all tools available out there, this site provides sort of a “map” to create digital stories: 1) Outline a story idea, 2) Find some media, and 3) Pick a tool and build your story.

I went to Fi Card Stories and created my own story: http://5card.cogdogblog.com//show.php?id=30438

I see this wiki site as an extension of storytelling. Hasn’t changed, just the medium, the way it is told. With the emergence of new technology, we are able to create and produce our story. Further, we are able to instantly share it with the world. We no longer need a printer, a TV show, a newspaper printing our story in order to be known. With a few clicks we are able to create material that can be viraly known.

Once we have an outline for our story, we have to choose the media that best suits our message. Whatever we choose, we must cite sources and be careful in not infringing copyrights.

I like that not only this site provides a comprehensive list of Web 2.0 tools, but also provides a list of those applications that no longer exist: Island Lost Tools http://50ways.wikispaces.com/Island+Lost+Tools